Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of my two wonderful friends, Grace and Matt! They said their I Do’s at the beautiful, historic Camarillo Ranch House in Camarillo, California, with the ceremony taking place outdoors on the lawn and the party continuing on all night in the barn.

There was so much attention to detail that went in to planning Grace and Matt’s big day, all of which came together so perfectly! One of my favorite parts of this wedding was that Matt’s father, Frank, built most of the pieces – the alter, the wooden doors that Grace walked through at the bottom of the aisle, the centerpieces, the signs, and more. There were games during cocktail hour that even featured some of the photos from our engagement session, including Cornhole and a huge Connect Four – such a cool idea! The barn reception was one of the most enchanting I’ve seen, with stunning drapery, twinkly lights and big M + G marquee letters above the head table. The party was such a huge hit, that even Bailey the LA Kings mascot stopped by to join in on the fun!

This wedding was not only a blast for me to photograph, but it was particularly special for me because my girlfriend Katy happened to be Grace’s Maid of Honor. It was definitely a family affair and I am so honored that I got to take part in such a beautiful day! Live Laugh Avila! I can’t wait to photograph my next Camarillo Ranch Wedding!

Camarillo Ranch Wedding Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-27 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-65 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-117 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-146 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-141 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-180 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-211 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-232 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-235 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-94 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-102 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-130 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-177 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-276 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-253 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-264 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-267  Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-506 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-548 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-603 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-814 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-804 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-849 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-825 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-385 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-883 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-881 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-953 Camarillo Ranch Wedding Camarillo Ranch Wedding Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-364 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-1065 Camarillo Ranch Wedding Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-1014 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-1020 Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-1191 Camarillo Ranch Wedding Avila-Wedding-Camarillo-Ranch-House-1091

As always, this wedding wouldn’t have been possible with out the amazing creative team below!

Wedding Planner: Cynthia Wennberg

Caterer: Command Performance Catering

Florist: Yamaguchi’s Flowers

Venue: Camarillo Ranch

Make Up: Jill Closter

Hair: Jill Garcia

Wedding Dress:  Mon Amie Bridal Salon 

DJ: Checkone2 Entertainment

Bakery: Skiff’s Cakes

Photographer: Lucas Rossi

Videographer: Lucas Rossi Photography 

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