On the first day of October, I had the pleasure of photographing Kaitlin & Ryan’s love-filled wedding! The day started off with a beautiful ceremony at Saint Julie Billiart Catholic Church in Newbury Park, and the party continued on into the night at Moorpark Country Club, where Kaitlin and Ryan celebrated with their family and friends!

This wedding day couldn’t have gone more smoothly – afternoon ’til night, there were smiles all around. The weather was a total dream, staying comfortable in the 70’s all day. And to top it off, Kaitlin and Ryan’s first dance was as smooth as the day (I didn’t know Ryan had moves like that!). They ended the night with an always epic sparkler exit – I think it’s safe to say Kaitlin and Ryan’s future together is definitely looking bright! :)

Congratulations, you two!

Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-30Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-71Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-1223Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-80Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-125Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-182 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-194 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-220 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-244 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-270Moorpark County Club Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-448 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-466 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-313 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-581 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-622 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-625 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-634 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-650 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-887 Moorpark-Country-Club-Wedding-Kaitlin-Ryan-891

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