Kelli and Jamie’s wedding at the always stunning Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, California, was an exciting one to shoot! From the moment I first met these two, I knew working together would never feel like work at all… and boy, was I right! With a big group of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the fun began early on, as everyone was getting ready. The ceremony was something beautiful, complete with the signature dripping icicle tree lights that Calamigos is known for, and the reception was one big party, complete with a killer performance by Jamie and his band. From beginning to end, Kelli and Jamie’s wedding day was a blast and I am so honored that I got to be a part of it. To the newlyweds that I am lucky enough to now call my friends, congrats!!!

Calamigos Ranch Wedding Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-11

Jamie’s ring was so cool, I have’t seen anything like it before!

Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-24 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-61 Calamigos Ranch Wedding

Kelli’s dance days made for perfect twirls!

Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-23 Calamigos Ranch Wedding Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-128

Jamie’s reaction was priceless!


I heard cheering and turned around to find these guys sneaking a peak at the first glance!

Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-141 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-142 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-210 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-301 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-387 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-384Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-398

Calamigos Ranch has some amazing spots to shoot. There’s light peaking through the trees everywhere you turn to create a stellar backdrop!

Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-577 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-328 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-505 Calamigos Ranch Wedding Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-510

Beautiful Calamigos Ranch Wedding ceremony at the Oak Room!

Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-525 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-533 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-547 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-579 Almos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-591 Calamigos Ranch WeddingAlmos-Wedding-Calamigos-Ranch.-843

And, of course, the amazing teams that made this wedding day possible!

Wedding Planner: Cynthia Wennberg

Caterer: Calamigos Ranch

Florist: Doug Lemen

Venue: Calamigos Ranch

Wedding Dress:  R-Mine

DJ: Eric Cooper

Hair: Alex Paffolt

Makeup: Alex Paffolt

Bakery: Skiff’s Cakes

Transportation: Avalon Trans

Photographer: Lucas Rossi

    Denise Mckee

    Thank you for making this beautiful and most special day so amazing! It has been great getting to know you. God Bless you, Denise

    October 16th, 2015 17:34

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