Well, this wedding was a tad different than most, because Elizabeth is one my good friends! It’s definitely not every day you get to photograph a friend’s big day, so this was a ton of fun for me! Just a little background — Elizabeth is a hair stylist, which is actually how we met. She’s the one who keeps me looking fresh!

I didn’t meet Jeremy until their engagement session back in September, but the moment I did, I felt as though I’d known him all along. After seeing the two of them together, it was instantly clear to me that these two were meant for each other — they have so many similarities and at the same time, are so completely opposite on so many levels. Elizabeth and Jeremy truly balance each other out.

Their wedding took place in Colorado Springs, which couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was my first time visiting and I definitely will be going back! We did their first glance at the Garden of the Gods, which, let me tell you, was spectacular. It reminded me of the movie “Cars.” The ceremony and reception was held at a gorgeous venue surrounded by the forrest. With big tall trees and endless greenery, it made for a stunning backdrop during romantic photos!

All in all, Elizabeth and Jeremy’s Colorado Springs wedding weekend was as dreamy as could be and I am so excited I was able to be a part of it all. Cheers to a happy and healthy future, Mr. & Mrs. Lake!

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